In this article I will share some of the best extension for chrome. These extensions are very useful in daily life.

Awesome screen short and recorder

As the name suggests Awesome screen short this extension is actually very awesome. It allows capturing a full-page screen, selected area, and visual part. it’s not just ended here you can also edit the local picture from your computer. It has a recording future which is very useful. You can record 5 minutes video in the free version of Awesome screen short and recorder.

Color Zilla

This extension is very useful if you are a developer or designer. I personally love this extension because it detected color hex code in just one click.

Just Read

It is one of the best extensions for reading read articles online. It allows us to remove all the distractions like ads and other site bar loading on the screen. It gets the article or new into a new interface. It gives very powerful features to edit, and delete unnecessary parts from the article. Then you can easily save your customized article or web page into pdf.


It is OCR based extension, which allows you to capture text, heading, or content from pictures, web pages, and PDF documents.

Text Blade

I always get tired to fill out big forms on the internet, and information is repeated again and again. Fortunately, I found an extension called “Text Blade”. This extension allows us to make short keys to perform any job. I set all the information like email, home address, greeting, days, proposals writing, or any emojis in short keys. Now filling in any information on the internet is just one key away. Note: this extension will not work on your whole computer not even on the URL bar of your browser. It just works on your chrome interface.

Snooze tabby

This extension allows you to snooze the tab for a certain time. In daily life, you may like something on the internet and you are busy enough to not access it at that time. Here snooze tabby to help you. It can sleep the tab for some period as per your setting. I use it often for my daily habits these days I do 5 minutes of typing every day. I set the URL of the website on daily mode. It opens the tab automatically on time and I never forget to do improve my typing speed.

That’s it, I hope these extension makes your life easy and save you valuable time.